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Find and enrich entities with Exa

Search for entities

Find exactly what you want, such as companies, people, news, etc., or search for similar entities

Enrich entities with Exa web data

Retrieve important information about the entity from its webpage

Synthesize information with LLM

Feed the web data to any LLM to summarize, augment, and enrich your entities


Competitor analysis application on startups

Use case illustration

Find all similar companies which are competitors

Just a few lines of code

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Find research papers on machine learning

pip install exa_pyfrom exa_py import Exa exa = Exa("YOUR_EXA_API_KEY") results = exa.search( "latest development in machine learning", category="papers" )

Built for any AI use case

Return exact entities

Instead of finding you ‘listicles’, Exa returns you the exact things you are looking for

Similarity search

Find similar companies, people, news etc. by searching with urls, full text, or snippets of content

Find many results

Make your research and analysis comprehensive with up to 1000 result per search


Other Search APIs

Other AI researcher

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Up to 1000



Filter by entity type (e.g. news, company)

Similarity search

Content retrieval

Full text content + highlights

AI-generated summary only

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“Exa feeds our deep research AI, which helps sales people research their prospects. Without Exa's speed and quality over the web, this would be hard to pull off!”

Person 1
Rabi Gupta CEO, EvaBot

“Models are only as good as the data they're trained on, and Exa's search allowed us to get high quality data we couldn't find any other way”

Person 2
Jonathan FrankleChief scientist, Databricks

“Exa is good, really good. We went from multiple API calls and scraping into a single <1s fast call. The results are way different than traditional search, and way better. Our users love it!”

Person 3
Alex JohnsonFounder, JotBot