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The Exa API retrieves the best content on the Internet using embeddings-based search.

Meet the team

Image of Will Bryk

Will Bryk


Will was one of the first engineers at Cresta where he built real time AI products. He studied CS and physics at Harvard, where he researched human/AI interaction and led the robotics club.

Image of Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang


Jeff spent three years building data and web infra at Plaid. He studied CS and Philosophy at Harvard, where he ran a GPU cluster in his dorm room and was roommates with Will.

Image of Sarah Chieng

Sarah Chieng

Technical Staff

Sarah studied CS at MIT and previously created content on TikTok and founded Thrifthouse.

Image of Ben Chen

Ben Chen

Technical Staff

Ben studied math at Harvard and previously did quant trading at SIG.

Image of Hubert Yuan

Hubert Yuan

Technical Staff

Hubert studied CS in the Yao Class at Tsinghua University.

Image of Shreyas Sreenivas

Shreyas Sreenivas

Technical Staff

University of Waterloo CS

Image of Eugene Chan

Eugene Chan

Technical Staff

Eugene previously designed and built LLM products at Palantir. He studied CS at Minerva University.



Exa was built with a simple goal — organize all knowledge. Today, the world’s knowledge is scattered across billions of sites and we find things based on keywords. Exa will organize this knowledge into an intelligent database and we’ll find things based on meaning. For example, keywords can’t handle these queries, but Exa will:

  • “Extract all ideas from New York newspapers in the 1960s talking about the future of AI systems”.
  • “Find every person in SF who has worked on rust compilers and would disagree with this blog post I wrote”.

If we handle these types of queries, we won’t merely have a better search engine — we’d be unlocking knowledge in a way not seen since the printing press.

Careers at Exa

Our information ecosystem is broken, and the best way to fix it is to combine LLMs with high quality content from the Internet.

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