Metaphor is now Exa.
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Rebuilt for AI

The Exa API retrieves the best content on the web using embeddings-based search

AIs need powerful access to knowledge.

But search engines haven't improved since 1998.

Exa understands meaning, giving results search engines can’t

Exa uses a novel link prediction transformer to predict links which match the meaning of a prompt.

API features built for AI apps


Handle any type of query

For queries that need semantic understanding, search with our SOTA web embeddings model over our custom index. For all other queries, we offer keyword-based search.


Instantly retrieve the content from any page

Stop learning how to web scrape or parse HTML. Get the clean, full text of any page in our index, or intelligent embeddings-ranked highlights related to a query.


Apply filters to search over your own subset of the web

Select any date range, include or exclude any domain, select a custom data vertical, or get up to 10 million results.


Search the web using examples of what you’re looking for

Your query can even be a URL or multiple paragraphs on a webpage.


The next generation of AI depends on us

We are a (growing) team of highly technical idealists on a very practical mission. Most idealists aren’t able to train state-of-the-art self-supervised search models on a million dollar A100 cluster in order to organize the world’s knowledge, but we do everyday. This is not your average AI startup 😎.

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Give your AI app access to all human knowledge

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