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  • Up to 10 results per search
  • 1000 requests per month
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$10/1k searches (1 - 25 results) $1.5/1k pieces of content

Minimum spend $50/month

  • Up to 25 results per search
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For growing projects


$10/1k searches (1-25 results) $30/1k searches (26-100 results) $1/1k pieces of content

Minimum spend $250/month

Everything in Wanderer, and:
  • Up to 100 results per search
  • Priority email support
    Direct access to the core Exa team to help you successfully integrate Exa with your app.
  • Early access
    As Exa releases new functionality or search types, you'll be the first to give them a try.
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For custom needs


We'll craft a custom contract based on your usage needs.

Everything in Wanderer, and:
  • Up to 1M results per search
  • Volume discounts
    Heavy traffic -> heavier discounts
  • Tailored premium datasets
    Limit searches to companies, papers, people, events, and more.
  • Strict data usage policy
    We won't use your data to train future results under any circumstance. Learn more
  • 24/7 support by call, text, and email
    Access a dedicated relationship manager to manage your Exa integration.
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