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The Exa API finds the best content on the web using embeddings

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AI is intelligent. Exa makes it knowledgeable.

Exa connects your AI to the world's knowledge so it knows everything and is up-to-date

Only the data you need, no clickbait

Exa's returns exactly what you ask for

Startups applying AI to law

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Startups applying AI to law

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Startups applying AI to law

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Intelligent systems deserve intelligent search.

But search engines weren't build for AI.

Features built for any AI use case

Semantic search

Embedding search that understands semantic meaning, not just keywords

Scrape any content

Scrape the full, cleaned content from any webpage

Similarity search

Find similar results using a URL, or a very long piece of text

Up to 1M results

Gather huge chunks of the web for your AI to process


New urls crawled every minute so that your AI is always up-to-date

Powerful filters

Search over any domain, date range, or data category

Trusted by thousands of developers and companies

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“Exa feeds our deep research AI, which helps sales people research their prospects. Without Exa's speed and quality over the web, this would be hard to pull off!”

Person 1
Rabi Gupta CEO, EvaBot

“Models are only as good as the data they're trained on, and Exa's search allowed us to get high quality data we couldn't find any other way”

Person 2
Jonathan FrankleChief scientist, Databricks

“Exa is good, really good. We went from multiple API calls and scraping into a single <1s fast call. The results are way different than traditional search, and way better. Our users love it!”

Person 3
Alex JohnsonFounder, JotBot

Give your AI app access to all human knowledge