What will !exa do for you?

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The Amazon Echo offers a serious glimpse into the future of an intelligent voice automation and !exa powers the Echo to deliver a full suite of guest-centric skills for the unique needs of the hospitality industry.

The Amazon Echo is a voice controlled, hands-free speaker that is wirelessly connected to the Internet and can be custom-configured to your property. We’ll work with you to define voice automated solutions that enhance your brand, engage your guests and create added revenue opportunities.

Using !exa in your rooms will enable you to stand out and completely differentiate your hotel service offering. The power and capabilities of !exa will ensure repeat visits and incredible word-of-mouth marketing. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about their memorable !exa experience during their stay.

!exa is the perfect in-room concierge that requires no training, doesn’t take sick days, and exceeds guests expectations at every touchpoint.

Answer Common Questions

Relieve staff from dealing with common questions such as checkout, wifi password, schedules, and other basics.

Handle Common Tasks

Allow your guests to set their own wake-up calls, late-checkout, do-not-disturb status, and other common tasks

Take Room Service Orders

Allow guests to order room service without lifting a finger. Orders delivered to the kitchen via email, SMS, or Web

Create New Upsell Opportunities

Drive sales of special event tickets or open appointment times

Keep Guests Informed

At large resorts, there's often more to do than guests realized. Exa keeps them informed.

Let Guests Discover & Book Activities

Casual conversation with Exa can result in increased sales for your property.

What else can exa do for you?


Gain Granular Insight into how guests engage with your property. Exa's analytics capabilities track how guests are navigating your services to give you actionable feedback.


Integrate with your existing workflows and software. Exa works with your team to design the right rollout for your specific property.


Match your specific needs, whether it's providing guests a seamless way to answer common questions, or a broad integration with your properties' myriad services.

How it works

Let's Define Your Skills!

We work with you to configure responses and integrations specific to your property

Install Hardware in Your Properties

Our infrastructure team will set-up hardware in guest rooms, common areas, or anywhere else you need voice interaction.

Watch Your Guests Engage

People love the natural and helpful interactions they have with Exa. Your guests will too.

Start Engaging Your Guests
With Voice Automation